The sale of apartments in Object 2 Lamella 1 RC “Tini” has started

In the residential complex “TINI” with several lamellas, the construction of a new – second building (Building 2 – Lamella 1) with 53 apartments has begun. The apartments have different structures: studios, one-bedroom and two-bedroom.

The area of apartments ranges from 29 to 72 m2. The planned number of floors is G + VP + 5 + PE. The height of the building is 26 m above ground level, ie the road in the zone of the complex.

The building has panoramic terraces at the very top. The orientation of the building is east-west.

Do not miss the opportunity to pre-select and book an apartment to your liking!

Take advantage of the discount and buy the apartment in advance!

Below you can see the current situation at the complex “Tini” – the situation (July 10, 2020)

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