SPECIAL OFFER: Remaining apartments in Building 7

The construction of 7 residential buildings is planned in the newly designed facility SPK “CENTER”. In the first phase, 3 residential buildings were built, and in the next phase we are building 3 more – Building 1, Building 3 and Building 7. In building 7, we can offer: one-room, two-room and three-room apartments and apartments of different sizes. The planned number of floors is Po+P+4+PE.

We inform all potential buyers that there are six vacant apartments left in this building.

DescriptionLabelFloor OrientationSquare Footage
One-room apartment
S1IS46.82 kvm
One-room apartmentS4IS-Z42.43 kvm
One-room apartmentS5IIS44.45 kvm
Three-room apartmentS6IIS-I-J95.24 kvm
One-room apartmentS14IIIS-Z42.38 kvm
One-romm apartmentS19IVS-Z42.38 kvm

More detailed information about the apartments can be found at the following link:

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