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To determine the actual area of the apartment we use the following coefficients:

1: 1 all arranged living areas
1: 0.75 loggia
1: 0.60 garage
1: 0.50 balconies, pantries
1: 0.40 indoor parking space, balconies
1: 0.25 uncovered parking spaces and terraces

The sales area of the apartment was obtained by calculating the price per square meter of living space according to the above coefficients.
The construction site can be visited every working day, but with the obligatory prior notice to the seller.

In accordance with the business policy and consultations with the head of the construction site, and at the request of the party, a decision is made to visit the construction site.

A tour of the apartment can also be done only with the announcement and accompaniment of an authorized person.
When buying an apartment under construction, the client can request certain corrections to the apartment, adjust their apartment to future needs.

Also, the client may request the replacement of certain elements from the standard equipment of the apartment, the type of parquet, ceramics ...

The requested changes must not jeopardize the statics of the entire project and must be in accordance with the building permit and imply that they have been approved by our design team.
Interested buyers can visit the construction site on Wednesdays from 3 pm to 5 pm and on Saturdays from 2 pm to 4 pm.

Entry to the construction site is possible only with the accompaniment of our technical person.
When signing the contract for the sale of real estate, the buyer is obliged to pay the amount of 25 percent of the contract value.