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Residential complex "TINI" Residential block 2

In “TINI“, which is a part of town in Trebinje, the construction of a new residential and business complex has been started, on the site where formerly used to be the cold – store. In the newly designed building “TINI“ with several residential blocks, we started construction of building 2 block 1 in which there are 53 apartments. The apartments are of different structures: studio apartments, one – bedroom, two – bedroom.

Area of the apartments is from 28,82 m2 to 72,20 m2. The planned number of floors is G+VP+5+PE (garages+high ground floor+stadard five floors+loft). Height of the building is 26,23 m above the ground level, that is, the road in the area of the complex.There are panoramic terraces at the very top of the building. Orientation of the building is east – west.

In terms of sound and thermal insulation, the highest quality standards were met while designing this building. Walls in the kitchen and the bathroom, as well as halls, bathrooms and terraces are coated with first class ceramics. Oak parquet boards of different dimensions are provided in living rooms and bedrooms. Windows and balcony doors are made of PVC material. The facades are made of good quality insulation materials.

Entrances to the business premises and to the residential part of the building are made of Al profiles.  Entrance doors in the apartments are with anti – burglary protection, fire – resistant, with high level of security and additionally strenghtened. Interior doors are of first class quality. The apartments are equipped with outdoor and indoor air conditioning units.

Each apartment has its own water meter. The apartments are equipped with intercom systems with a video display. There is an electric elevator in the building which is adapted for use by persons with disabilities.

Project animation and location map: SK "Tini"

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